NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and, as the name implies, it’s a set of close-range wireless communication standards. NFC-equipped smartphones and other devices can exchange information with each other with a simple tap or wave.

Remind you of tap-to-pay credit cards or apps like Paypal “bumping” to transfer money? That’s because NFC is the technology behind many new mobile payments types such as these.

NFC and RFID (radio frequency identification) are sometimes used interchangeably, but NFC is really a newer version or extension of RFID. RFID waves can have very long ranges (e.g., RFID is the tech that helps highway toll readers read your car’s toll pass), while NFC limits the range of communication to within 4 inches. This makes NFC perfect for more secure applications like paying for things or securely logging in at a location.

NFC also allows two-way communication, as opposed to RFID’s one-way reading technology. So transferring photos or contacts between devices is a common use of NFC。

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