The possibilities NFC introduces to media and advertising are literally endless. NFC presents a convenient way to upload ringtones or schedules, create automatic text messages, upload TOP music lists, make call requests to people (e.g. by simply tapping their picture with a smartphone), dial service phone numbers advertised via an NFC label for instant calls, add voice or video greetings to birthday cards, or see movie trailers and more by touching smart posters or signs with NFC phones. When advertising websites and online shops through an NFC link, users are directly connected to the target site. NFC tags can have cross-media functionalities when attached to smart posters, pictures, cards, VIP badges, stickers or magazines –providing access to exclusive internet content, for example, or downloadable NFC mobile phone applications. Sharing and distributing user instructions or recycling info are good examples of using NFC smartly. Even dining out becomes a smoother experience, as with NFC it’s possible to view the menu when passing an interesting restaurant, book a table, order a meal and even pay the bill.